Stellar P&O has skilled clinicians who are certified in fitting compressive garments and have become quite well known in the community for treating a variety of conditions, including venous insufficiency, lymphedema, varicose veins, and burns. In addition to visits to our office, we also conveniently treat at both in- and out-patient rehabilitation facilities. Our goal in working with the patient’s Physician and Rehabilitation Therapist is always to achieve the best possible individual outcome through compression.

We are certified with many different manufacturers and vendors to appropriately fit our patient with the correct garment that is right for him or her. We assure prompt service and customized solutions in order to meet every need. Furthermore, our caring staff will guide the patient through the proper training required for one to understand the use and function of our products. We are also available to host clinics at designated treatment centers for burns, post-mastectomy, and lymphedema.