“ Active life, happy heart ”

-Juan Lezo

Juan Lezo is our newest member to Stellar Athletics. In 2014, he lost his limb below the knee due to a traumatic Auto versus Pedestrian accident. He also suffered collateral damage on his right lower limb which today has titanium implanted hardware which has reconstructed his ankle and tibia. Soon after, Juan suffered from deep depression and anxiety, knowing that the loss of his left leg was inevitable.

Two years later and along with hard work and rehabilitation, Juan has overcome the de-vastation of losing his limb. His wife and seven-year-old daughter are proud of his tremendous effort and accomplishments.

In the future, Juan plans to educate others amputees in his community by sharing his trau-matic story that caused him to follow a new path in life. He hopes to inspire them to pursue active lifestyles by exercising. Mr. Lezo is determined to continue his training with Stellar Athletics and will only hope to become competitive enough for the upcoming Paralympics.


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