“ Performing at 180 bpm is living ”

-Luis Noguez

Luis Noguez was involved in a traumatic motorcycle accident at the age of 19, causing Instantaneous amputation below the knee on his left leg. Now living with this disability, Luis had become anxious and depressed. He felt like his world was over and that he would never be able to exercise again. Socially he thought his chances of being mobile again and the possibility of having a girlfriend was lost.

Its been a long road since then and Luis has endured several prosthetic changes while becoming an inspiration to both, amputees and able body individuals that have the same desire to run. Currently, Luis consults with several amputees and encourages them to pursue their athletic dreams.

Today Luis is a proud father and continues his quest to build a community of active amputees. There they enjoy participating in adaptive clinics, and personal fitness events. He hopes to expand the athletics options by collaborating with other none-profit organizations such as Angel City Games and CAF. Luis intends to become competitive enough to participate in the upcoming Paralympics games.

Ever since his accident, Luis has been determined to achieve his goals and is now part of the Stellar Athletics team.  He has recently completed several mud runs and sport adaptive clinics and is now looking for the next challenge. The little time he has left, he utilized it for videography and editing. His work can be seen at https://plus.google.com/107571234868908440734

The future is ambitious for Luis as he dreams to connect with the adequate people in developing a successful obstacle course that will put amputees in a higher fitness level.


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