Burn & scar management pressure garment:

Stellar P&O is well versed in the use of pressure garments in the management of burns and scars. With burns requiring more than 21 days to heal, and wounds requiring more than 14 days to heal, likely to develop hyperthropic or keloid scarring, the benefits of constant pressure to newly-healed skin can help prevent such scarring and promote a smooth, pliable skin surface. Stellar P&O uses Silon-tex, which is composed of a tough and effective elastomer of medical grade silicon, to help promote the proper healing of burns and wounds.

We offer Silon-tex in 30 different colors, and, for children, we offer a selection of appliques. We work with the patient and his or her doctor throughout the full duration of the treatment, replacing garments after 2-3 months or more frequently as is required with the normal growth of children and/or with rapid weight change.