We at Stellar P&O understand the financial burden that prosthetics and orthotics can be on an individual or family. We also understand the complexities of health insurance. Which is why we make every effort to help our clients understand the benefits associated with their particular insurance policy, clearing indicating those products and services that are covered and those which are not.

For those whose insurance policy may not cover fully or partially the expenditures associated with their prosthetic or orthotic care, we have provided a list of resources below that may prove helpful:

Limbs for Life Foundation –The mission of this organization is to help amputees maintain their independence by acting as a financial bridge for a prosthetic limb for those who could not otherwise afford it. To learn more, visit www.limbsforlife.org or call 888-235-5462, 405-843-5174
Barr Foundation – The mission of the Barr Foundation is to assist in the purchase of prosthetic limbs for amputees who cannot afford them.Learn more atwww.oandp.com/barr

Vocational Rehabilitation Services –Each state offers programs to assist people with disabilities in securing jobs in their field of choice and, in some cases, providing financial assistance for prosthetic or orthotic devices. To learn more, call your local Vocational Rehabilitation office to schedule an appointment with a counselor to find out what options are available to you. Phone numbers are listed in local area telephone directories under “Rehabilitation Services” or “Vocational Rehabilitation Services”

The Department of Human Services –This state-run agency provides assistance for disabled children. A local telephone number can be obtained through your local Department of Human Services office

The Veteran’s Administration –If you are a veteran, the Veteran’s Administration may be able to provide you with additional assistance with your prosthetic or orthotic treatment. Check local area telephone directories for a listing in your area

Challenged Athletes Foundation–This Foundation assists people with physical disabilities in pursuing active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics. As part of their offerings, they provide grants to fund adaptive equipment. Learn more at www.challengedathletes.org