Stellar P&O has a team of prosthetists that understand the significant impact of a lower extremity limb loss on an individual’s mobility. And it is our mission to restore mobility for the individual using prosthetics as quickly and comfortably as possible. In fact, Stellar P&O is proud to employ a staff prosthetist who is, himself, an amputee and who has been helping others regain their mobility for over 40 years.


At Stellar P&O, we believe that devising the best solution for each patient starts with one thing: listening to the patient. In so doing, we are able to avoid many of the frustrations that lower extremity amputees face before they happen. Designing and fitting a lower limb prosthetic device is a very personal experience, which is why we treat each patient’s circumstances individually. Whether the patient wants to regain mobility as quickly as possible or has longer terms aspirations of completing a triathlon, Stellar P&O can create the right solution for the individual. We are experienced with all levels of lower extremity amputations, including below knee (transtibial), ankle articulation (symes), and foot (chopart, lis franc, and toe amputations). And we understand that designing for the best socket fit is key for a prosthetic device to be successful. As such, our staff is routinely trained on the latest in socket designs that optimize comfort and functionality for our patients.


We also recognize that designing and adjusting lower extremity prosthetics is a dynamic process, which is why we stay with the patient through regulated follow up visits. As the new prosthetic user progresses through rehabilitation, we understand that the prosthetic device may need adjustments to account for the users changing limb conditions, increased activity, and functional needs. To aid us in keeping up with our patients progress on the road to mobility, we utilize the latest technology to serve our clients, whether it be through carbon fiber energy storing feet, silicone cushion liners, flexible socket interfaces,or micro-processing technology.