Power KneeTM

The POWER KNEE remains the world’s first and only motor-powered, artificially intelligent prosthesis for above-knee amputees and defines the future of lower extremity prosthetics. The first and only motor-powered prosthetic knee, the POWER KNEE works as an integrated extension of the user, designed to restore the power of lost muscles and symmetry of movement that is vital for those with limb loss. POWER KNEE gives users the ability to cover greater distances than they could previously. Confidently negotiating obstacles and inclines has never been easier, and ascending stairs foot-over-foot is now possible.

Symblonic Leg

The SYMBIONIC LEG is the first complete bionic leg. Combining a powered ankle and an adaptive microprocessor knee joint, the SYMBIONIC LEG provides unmatched benefits for trans-fem oral amputees. The active to lift in swing clears the ground and minimizes the risk of tripping. Should a stumble occur, an advanced stumble recovery feature protects the user from a fall by providing instant stance support. Automatic terrain adaptation adjusts the ankle angle according to the steepness of the slope, generating better ground contact and optimal knee response when ascending or descending ramps. Using the heel height adjustment, the user can change shoes or go barefoot without compromising the alignment of the prosthesis.

Rheo Knee

The all new version II Rheo knee is a big improvement over its predecessor by increased user function such as smoother adaptation to walking styles and environment. This unit dynamically learns through advanced artificial intelligence which allow for more natural gait (walk pattern) and overall freedom of movement through always changing terrain. This unit has greatly enhanced our current users with the ability to walk farther with less effort and the confidence to approach stairs and ramps with ease. Call now for a free consultation to learn more about the Rheo Knee and the benefits it provided for amputees who strive for a better lifestyle.

Proprio foot and ankle

Most amputees typically loose proprioception which is the ability to know exactly where there prosthesis is when it meets the ground. This phenomenon can lead to tripping and falls when ambulating on uneven surfaces or walking up and down stairs and ramps. The proprio foot is an intelligent foot which activates toe lift which helps the user negotiate uneven terrain such as stairs, ramps, dirt trails and tall grass to name a few. Furthermore it’s the only ankle of its kind hat automatically adjusts to different heel heights which allows users variety to shoe choices. In the end, outcomes for the user generally results in reduction of pain in knees, hips and back. More importantly the amputee walks longer with increased comfort.