Have you ever dreamed of competing in the Paralympics?

Stellar Athletics could be a great resource to help you make that dream a reality!

We provide information about different non-profit organizations that can help you get on the right track for the Paralympic games. We understand you have to start somewhere and that’s why we participate in none Paralympic events such sport adaptive clinics, mud races and personal fitness events that can get you to the next fitness level.

The goal is to encourage all levels of amputees to come train with us and create a network of like-minded amputees in the pursuit of Athletics events. Staying active will keep you healthier and more importantly, challenge your abilities along with wellness and health. The team is in the development stages and is looking for growth with your participation. Our training meetings are once a week and will be taking place at JPL in Pasadena. The meetings will be provided by Stellar Athletics and are free of charge. There is no obligation to participate in any of the athletic events.

For more information, contact Luis Noguez, Stellar Athletic enthusiast and creator of Stellar Athletics.

Email- stellarpro1@gmail.com * Phone (626) 584-0805 * Cell (626) 399-8880