Stellar Prosthetics and Orthotics understands the physical and emotional toll associated with the loss of an upper extremity, whether from congenital defect, trauma, or infectious disease. We have skilled clinicians who are familiar with all classes of amputation, including partial hand, above- and below-elbow, and shoulder disarticulations. We understand that the loss of an upper extremity greatly impacts a patient’s daily routine, which is why we take such care in the precise manufacture and adjustment of our prosthetic devices. Because of the visibility of upper extremity prosthetics, we also ensure that the appearance of the prosthesis is made to look as natural as possible.


At Stellar Prosthetics and Orthotics, we listen to our referring Doctors directions as well as to our patients’ individual needs, crafting customized solutions for each individual. Whether a patient is seeking the versatility in putting on and removing a body-powered device or the advanced control of an externally-powered (or myoelectric) device, Stellar Prosthetics and Orthotics can offer professional advice and provide a solution that best meets the patient’s individual needs.